Podcasting and Video Creation in the Classroom

Becoming a 21st century teacher may seem daunting at first, especially for those who have been well established in the career prior to the major technological advancements, as well as teachers who may not feel that they are ‘tech savvy’. One of the easiest ways to start integrating technology in your classroom is through podcasting and video creation.

Podcasting, a process of recording, editing, and finally posting audio, is a relatively simple way to start using technology in the classroom. Podcasting is extremely versatile, and can be used in any content area. Recording software (Garageband for Mac users, and Audacity for either PC or Mac) and a microphone are really all you need to get started. Kimberly Kellogg has some great ideas on how to use podcasting in the classroom. My favorite idea she proposes has to do with preparing for a substitute; creating a quick podcast instead of lengthy sub notes definitely has its benefits. This same idea could keep absent students up to date. Students could also use podcasting to practice interviews; the list is endless when it comes to what type of interviews students could conduct.

Once getting the hang of podcasting the jump to video creation isn’t too far. Video creation will take a little more time, direct instruction, and technology to implement, but it is definitely worth it. Video creation will require the use of a camera, microphone, editing software like imovie, and a posting platform such as YoutTube. Another way to create a movie is through Animodo. his web 2.0 tool is a little different than the traditional video creation, but would be great for those lessons that you don’t want students spending a copious amount of time editing, but you still want them creating something. One cleaver idea for using video creation in the classroom is having students create book trailers. Students could create videos on books they are reading, including information on the author or illustrator, and a meaningful passage. Once videos are posted to a classroom YouTube or Schooltube platform students can go and look at their classmates trailers and find new books to read.

Both podcasting and video creation are two great ways to integrate technology across multiple content areas that create student engagement. All teachers should begin experimenting with these tools, and work towards using them regularly in their classrooms.


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