Unit Planning

This project has been my first real experience with lesson planning and I am feeling overwhelmed. I have never had more appreciation for teachers as I do now. I feel that some of the CCSS that I have connected to this unit plan may not be being adequately met. However, this assignment has me excited to take ED373 next term to learn more about unpacking standards.

For my unit plan anticipatory set I am planning to read the book Some Bugs by Angela DiTerlizzi and maybe a video on different insects for Youtube. The end project of this unit students will become a Jr. ‘expert’ on an insect of their choosing. Students will work on writing an informational paper using vocabulary that has been discussed in earlier lessons. The students will then create a podcast series about their insect using GarageBand. I am thinking about adding an interviewing part to the podcasts so that students can work on listening and speaking skill while learning about other insects. The last part of technology I have decided to use it Doodle Buddy or Tux Paint which are both paint programs; students will use one of these paint programs to draw a picture of their insect including labeling their drawing with vocabulary.

I am struggling to find two other pieces of technology to integrate, but I am planning to use the weekend to look back on some of the web 2.0 tools we have been talking about in class and look on Pinterest to find more inspiration.


One thought on “Unit Planning

  1. Remember the learning theory that says we learn best by “doing,” and so our first attempts are always going to be filled with anxiety. With reflection and practice it will get easier. Best of luck to you in the future!


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